Sunday, April 28, 2013

Choppy Random Talks: My New Book-ish Addiction

So a while ago, a friend of mine told me about this website called Wattpad. And basically, Wattpad is a website where you can read (short) stories written by people and believe me when I say that you can find a ton of stories that could suit every one's taste and some are PRETTY good, no purely amazing even. You could also publish a story yourself and get people to know about you and your story and most importantly - at least to me - is the feedback you get from publishing your story, whether it was accepted or not by actual readers and all that jazz that follow. It is really a whole community and it's really fun to be on, especially for those of us who are thinking of pursuing writing and it's a great way to read new ebooks that aren't any less amazing than other stories out there. And let me tell you, it's for free. I HIGHLY recommend checking out this website and trust me on this guys, you won't regret it ;) Just go through it intently though, to understand how it works.

Personally, I have been on the website for only a couple of weeks and I am already ADDICTED. I can't stop reading more that since I have been on Wattpad, I literally haven't read any actual book. Anyhow, I am also considering writing a story myself but we shall see and you guys, will be of course the first to know if I do but right now, I am just a bit busy with school and with the final exams coming too. 

So if you checked it out, tell me what you thought of and if anyone has published a story there, please don't hesitate in sending me the link to read it because I'd be more than happy to do so :D

Some books I have read on Wattpad:
I am thinking about doing separate ( short ) reviews on books that I read on Wattpad here on my blog, I guess it could be fun and it could also let you know about more stories on the website and my opinion of it, would love to hear if you're interested but in this case I'll only be reviewing the ones that are really good and worth it. I will see how this goes though :)
Hope you enjoyed!
xoxo, Mariam


Rachel (Booktastic Reviews) :D said...

I've heard of Wattpad but never knew what it was! How could I not have know?! o_O That website does sound brilliant! I'll go have a wee look!

Mini reviews would be really good and it you would be getting publicity for the authors behind it which is really nice of you! :)

Thanks for sharing! :D

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