Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Book Review : The League of Skull and Bones by M.J. Fletcher

Jess Grimm has the ability to travel to any dimension in the multiverse. There’s only one problem... it’s killing her. 

Jess is a in a race against time to find a device that can slow the progression of the power inside her, but she isn’t alone. Others want her power, and they don’t care how they get, or if she is dead or alive when they do.

The only person willing to help her is the mysterious Ronan Sparrow a member of the League of Skull & Bones, one of the very groups that want her power. But what does Ronan want in return? Can Jess trust him or will she find herself alone with enemies on all sides?

My Review:

   Another series from the author of The Doorknob Society! However, this series is actually a spin-off of The Doorknob Society which to be honest I just hoped for another story, another world, mainly because MJ Fletcher has this really creative way with plots and I know that it wouldn't have been a disappointed. Nonetheless, the story was still good and thrilling but had some flaws here and there that kinda lessened my overall rating and enjoyment of the story.

   The plot was really fun to read and original, I liked how action-packed it all through the story, leaves you no space to get bored. However, I just keep picking up on similarities between this story and The Doorknob Society series which is, I have to say was my favorite. What I didn't like about this book was the fact that reading Jess's character, I found her personality to be somewhat similar to this of Chloe's which was such a disappointment. They were both the same kind of bad-ass female characters, at least to me. I just expected a new character - bad-ass yes but different - and although I loved Jess's character but it was close to reading another story with a similar main character. The romantic aspect was cute, still not fully clear so I can't wait to read the next book to find out but there were new characters, some whom were the mysterious type of guys and whatnot but I liked the characters. And I totally found the delimma that was facing Jess and endangering her life to be interesting.

   Overall, I still enjoyed the story and I am planning on reading the next book. And although I wasn't pulled into the story as much I hoped to, I went through the pages of this book like a maniac. Fast-paced, action-packed story with an original plot and an ending that was such a cliffhanger but it was also exciting and slightly unpredictable. And so again, for all of those who loves reading fantasy novels, I would say to give this book a try.

Title: The League of Skull & Bones
Author: M.J Fletcher 
Series: The Grimm Chronicles #1
Source: MJ Fletcher ( For Review )

Links: Goodreads Amazon
Rating: 3/5

'This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review'

Happy Reading!
xoxo, Mariam


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