Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book Review: The White Queen

        I was never into reading historical fiction novels to be honest, but this novel as well as the author Philippa Gregory, was raved about by Elle Fowler and had a review about on her YouTube channel which you can check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W9rsgtwpyo. And if you are not familiar with reading these type of novels, like me, this book is a great start to get into the whole thing and makes you ravenous to read more. And this one in particular is, i believe, can be read by almost every age.
       Cousins wars and brothers wars, all took place in the of history of England, where the beautiful widowed lady Elizabeth Woodvile used to live with her two sons from her dead husband. Catching the eye of the new king Edward IV, leaving us to an unusual love story. Elizabeth who got married to the new king in secret but with the knowledge of her mother. Both Elizabeth and her mother descended from the water goddess, Melisuna and both believed in witchcraft.
       Elizabeth was then crowned as a Queen and giving birth to her two boys, Edward V and Richard, whom became the vague mystery of the lost Princes in the Tower. The novel follows the events of Queen Elizabeth's life, after the death of king Edward. She started calling for her deprived position as well as her two sons and her daughters, as the royal family and the heirs to the throne of England, which was subjugated by Richard, Edward's Brother and the third York son, after kidnapping her son Edward, the rightful heir.
        Philippa Gregory did a fascinating job in writing this novel, making it enjoyable to read, based on the fact that this an old story so it seems to be like an attractive story, mixing the actual story with her own imagination, putting her thoughts on how a specific event might have happened, and because of this novel i really wanted to know more about this period of time in England.
        Leaving me sympathizing the White Queen and the tragic end of losing her son and husband, whom she dearly loved as well as many of her family whom were dear to her heart like her brother Anthony in order to save the throne. A recommended novel for anyone to enjoy history like no other.

Author: Philippa Gregory
Grade Rating  : A+
Followed by:
     The Red Queen
     The Lady of the Rivers
Pages: 432



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