Saturday, March 31, 2012

Book Review : Before I Fall

      Now a part of the popular girls groupie, Samantha Kington has this life of a teenage girl, having fun with friends, a boyfriend and parties. But then this one day comes, this party, a typical Friday and a typical party.  Despite the party going alittle bit different than Sam had planned, and the supposed day with her boyfriend also went wrong. She and her friends were still laughing in the rain and drinking on their home. But it turns out to be her last moment. She dies in a horrific accident. Yet she does get a chance, actually seven chances to repeat this same day, as she wakes up thereafter to find herself up in her bed, yet it's still the same Friday. What would change in her life and how will she act, spending her last day in life with seven different shots?

    It honestly took me a long while to get into this book, the beginning didn't attract me at all, due to the normality of it. However, it turns out to be a book that I loved but hated for the tragedy of it. To start off, it was the characters that got me hooked at the beginning. They were realistic, in a way that I could visualise.
   The thing is that as you go on with the story, the bams flows bit by bit. And by bams I mean the development of Sam's character and her changing perspective of almost everything around her.
    Despite, the story being about one day repeated again & again. Everyday seems like everthing is possible to happen and the future is changeable. But what gets to me is how much Sam changed. I mean we all wish to relive a specific day once, take something back? 
   However, out of the seven shots of that chronic day, i think that each day has something remarkable. Yet, I don't want to give away anything, but I will just leave it here saying which day was my favourite, which is the seventh, the last. It is sort of traditional, yet thinking about it, she did everything for others but herself. She did the right thing.  
    Sam, herself is a character that I despised but her attempts to get things right, made a change of heart in me towards her, from the second she began to see things right, I was able to love her. However, the secondary characters in the novel, from her best friends, to her adorable sister to Anna to Kent to Rob, all seemed to be down-to-earth.

   Oliver, I believe aimed to capture the closest thing to high school students experiences and she, in my opinion, did it wittily. But again Lauren Oliver is a very talented writer, from different aspects really. 
   It's a book that I enjoyed and definitely recommend it. It's a breathtaking, amazing YA novel and a well-crafted one as well. A book that can show you the consequences of your everyday actions. Yet, not everybody has a chance like Sam did and it's never too late.

Author: Lauren Oliver
Grade Rating: A
Pages: 470


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