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Book Review : The Host

        Our world was invaded by parasitic but peace-loving aliens called  the souls. Melanie, a human being who refuses to fade away and leave Jared, her boyfriend and her brother, Jamie. Wanderer, the soul inserted into Melanie's body who had an honorable past in other planets, other than the Earth, seemed to be falling for humans. And as a result she helped Melanie on a journey she have never planned and thought was impossible, she went searching for Jared and Jamie, in Melanie's body and with her in her mind. But what kind of journey could that be? And how would it turn out to be? And which side would Wanderer be on, the humans or the souls? Whom will she betray, or will she....      
      Again, Stephenie Meyer enchanted me by this book. This story was nothing about vampires but rather another world of its own, a creative one, Wanderer's world. The scene opens with Wanderer, the soul being inserted into Melanie's body, a repel whom they hoped to tame but it turns out that Melanie is much stronger as well as her love and loyalty. What Wanderer always feared happened, she found human resistance.

      I'm a huge twilight saga fan but I feel that I absolutely loved this book maybe even a bit more. I think it was written better than the Twilight saga, maintained better, I guess. It was just breathtaking and addictive, I had a hard time trying to put it down. 
      If you can get through the first few chapters then you'll just love it and I think that's because you don't understand anything at all, yet its so unpredictable but as you go on you'll be hooked up, don't worry. But I'll try to clarify a tiny bit of it for you guys:
Okay, so when they refer to the souls they mean here the aliens who invaded the Earth. And the Seeker is just sort of a jailer or a policeman who gets the humans leftover  to the souls to insert one in their body, and by inserting a soul in their body it means they invade the body as well. A Healer is like a doctor and a Comforter is just a therapist for the souls. And they have some really weird names like Wanderer and Petals Open to the Moon, just plain weird.

Those souls saw in us humans brutality and thought invading it was safe the world our savageness. Wanderer was different, she did hate those emotions of humans like hatred and cruelty but then her relationship with Melanie develops, and her feelings toward humans change, she found love. At the very beginning, Melanie just fills her head with memories of Jamie whom she had a mother like bond with him. And Jared, her boyfriend and how it felt to be with him and eventually she feels some initial affection toward him and sets off on a journey to find the man they both loved. Yet, i think that her love toward Jared wasn't that strong, i think it was because how she was hugely affected by Melanie's deep love and memories and when Ian, the missing part of the love triangle came into the view, the suspense was even more. I enjoyed how it at some situations was a sort of an internal struggle in Melanie's body, it gave it a huge twist.

    The ending which I thought at some point was horrific, that's when I actually cried, which I don't do that often, turned to have an unforeseen twisted, real ending which I loved. Also, another thing that I liked was the titles of the chapter, don't know why they caught my eye so much but they were so simple and gave me what I wanted to know about it.
    I just honestly really enjoyed reading this book and I can definitely see myself reading it again and I just can't wait for the two sequels to be out, which I don't know when will that be. But anyway, I really do recommend this book if you love that sort of thriller sci-fi novels with some romance, just give it a try. I loved it.     

Author : Stephenie Meyer
Grade Rating : A+
Pages : 867 ( Paperback )


Jessica@Booked Up! said...

I really, really have been wanting to read this for a while now. Great review, and I'm glad you enjoyed this so much! New follower, by the way. Mind following me back?

Jessica from Booked Up!

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Thank you so much !! and sure I'll follow you ;)

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