Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Choppy Random Talks: Blogging Essentials #1

      So today I wanted to share with you guys some stuff that as a blogger, specifically a book blogger you might need during blogging and these are things that I, as a starter in blogging needed but didn't know at the time unfortunately so I am going to share 3 that I count as basics or essentials and planning on more in the future, don't worry ;) 

I. How to leave a link in a blogger comment (aka Anchor Text)?
Okay, so what exactly is Anchor Text? Anchor text is the visible text that you click for a link. And it's quite easy actually so in order to leave a link just copy/paste or write ( personally, I memorized it ) this in the comments section and switch the colored parts with your own:

<a href="http://booka-holic.blogspot.com">Book-A-Holic</a>

The red part is for the link that is going to be opened and the blue part is for the name that the link is going to appear in.

Example: After writing the above in the comments section, it will appear like this:

II. How to make coloured boxes?

To make a coloured box, similar to this:

All what you have to do is copy/paste the following in the HTML section:

<div style="background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% rgb(255,228,225); border:3px solid #FFE4E1; padding: 5px 8px; text-align: center;">
<div style="text-align: center;">
<span style="font-size: large;"><b>Dotted</b></span></div>

The green part sets the color of the box from the inside which you can change to your preferred color from this website Cloford. The red part sets the shape of the border which you can also change up to your prefrence, just choose one of the following and type it instead ( Solid - Dashed - Dotted - None - Double - Grove - Ridge - Inset - Outset ). As for the blue part, it sets the color of the border itself, again you can set this color as you prefer from the same website, Cloford.

III. How to schedule a blog post?

By scheduling a post, you write your post ahead in time and set it on a specific date/time and to be posted automatically then. And this really comes in handy when you're on a vacation or such and it's just perfect with blog tours. 

Step 1 :

First, you're going to open post and head over to you Post Settings on the side and click on 'Schedule'

Click to make it bigger.

Step 2: 
Choose 'Set date and time' to set the date and time that you want.

Click to make it bigger.

Step 3: 

Click 'Done' and then click 'Publish' which some people forget to do. So you MUST click Publish as you would normally do when posting a blog post.

And You're Done!


So this was it guys! Just a couple of things but I am planning on doing more stuff in the future but hope those were helpful. Nonetheless, don't forget to leave me comments with your requests or send me an email, telling me if you want to know more about stuff like this ;)

PS: I'm not an expert or anything at all, I'm just sharing this with you upon personal experience.

xoxo, Mariam


Katelynn Clark said...

Thanks for the tips! I always learn something new when I stop by your blog :)

Katelynn Clark

Multimemo said...

Katelynn!! Thanks for the lovely comment <3 Glad I helped :D

xoxo, Mariam

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