Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Choppy Random Talks: Google canceling GFC??!!


Rumors have been on and on recently about Google canceling GFC ( Google Friend Connect ) and of course it being rumors, I made a little research about it and never found an official announcement about it and then I came across this website ( Link HERE ) where Nathan, the person behind Life & Everything Else in Between clears things up so check that out if you want to understand everything but basically Google Friend Connect is not closing.

Anyway, so while some people were worrying and putting up other ways of subscribing on their blogs and stuff. Two of the most popular ways that came up were actually Bloglovin ( which I already have an account on ) and Google+ ( This one I went ahead and created an account on it but I feel like a lost puppy on it and could use some help actually :D ) 

Bloglovin is actually a really cool and easy website to use. I personally like it and I do recommend it, like generally speaking. You could always follow me there just in case ( Link HERE ) and also, its an easy way to keep up with all your favourite blogs and a new way to get people to know about your blog and follow you ;) 

Happy Reading!
xoxo, Mariam


Kaina said...

Yeah, I've been hearing about that for some time now and I seriously freaked out when I heard because most of my followers are via GFC and not via RSS or any of those other things. However, when they made the announcement didnt they say at the beginning of June? I'm seriously crossing my fingers and hopping they arent taking it away!

Cerian Halford said...

Thanks for this! When I tried having a look, I didn't find anything to say GFC was going either. Although I did get Bloglovin' just in case lol

Katelynn Clark said...

Thank you, the perpetual panic attack has been averted!! I just got bloglovin because all of my followers are via GFC and I was super bummed that it was leaving!

Katelynn Clark

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