Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Review : Delirium #1

      Lena Haloway, who is almost eighteen years old, preparing herself to get the procedure to be cured from the disease that everybody in her world feared, amor deliria nervosa aka love. It's a society where love is forbidden and scientists found a cure to eradicate it. Lena was always an obedient girl, can't wait to get her procedure done but just then with few weeks left, everything changes and she is the one who changes it. But what kind of change could that be in a cruel world like hers?

      I was hypnotized by Lauren Oliver's style of writing and her creativity in forming Lena's world. A superb prose, leaving the boring details, yet I was able to picture it all.

     Oliver's world-building and perspective of the story which I thought was overstated turned out to be something that I fantasize and I feel it's something that exists in our real world, not to the point of course but just the concept of it.  

    Lena's character transition was fantastic, she was torn, almost through the whole story, between what's right and wrong, seeing Alex, continuing with procedure, I mean she was confused and I don't blame her. She started off as a true believer in the whole cure thing, but not until she meets Alex. 

    Alex was an Invalid, a perfect guy and just lovable, she falls in love with him, and gets infected by the end. Regarding how she first met Alex on her evaluation day, I think was admirable and we witnessed it from the very beginning.

   The friendship relation between Lena and Hana was rather convincing and touching, I saw in Hana a tough girl yet I really wanted to know more about her. Oliver just lightened up in her innovation of the characters. 
Despite being annoyed by the fact that it reminds me of the Uglies series at the beginning, especially in the part of Hana's influence on Lena, I really liked it. A cliff-hanger ending, it was intense and left me startled. Even in the middle of the story where things were starting to get even more suspense, I was like " Oh my God, no way " for the rest of it. I just can't wait to start reading the second book Pandemonium which I'm super excited about. I'd recommend this book, one of my favourites.

Author : Lauren Oliver
Grade Rating : A

Followed by : Pandemonium
Pages : 441


BecsLifeOnline said...

Just arrived at your blog whilst doing a bit of blog-hopping :) I'm a bookworm too! I haven't done any reviews on books yet on my blog but you've given me a good idea now. Take care x

Multimemo said...

Thank you and glad I helped ;)

xoxo Mariam

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