Saturday, April 21, 2012

Book Review: Fade

    And the adventure continues, Janie found a way to develop her ability or more specifically found a guide. And as she struggles to solve the case in her hands, she and Cabel's sweet romance continues, although secretly. Yet, how will her struggle go on and to what point could she bear the exhaustion and what will be the consequences, what will she lose? Things are getting pretty hard and dangerous but what will Janie do.....

   The second book in Lisa McMann's Dream Catcher series. And Janie is still using her ability to enter other people's dreams, helping them and helping the police find criminals, yet there seems to be consequences, pretty bad ones. I felt really sorry for and was able to feel for, dealing with her biggest dilemma, her curse. 

   Janie and Cabel are so sweet together, but there were some perplexing things about their relationship at the end of the book that messed me up. However, Cabel's character seems to be the same but Janie, she has will-power and she is so brave, I admired her braveness at times but there was also recklessness.

   And as I'm getting used to McMann's style of writing as in a third person narrating the story. I can see that every page contains something exciting, an action rather than boring details. But the story seems to be going against the usual of the unusual, if you get what I'm saying. And again where is her absent mother and I sometimes wonder how can things be that easy when it comes to some obvious things that couldn't go by, because she isn't that invisible. 

   Honestly, I'm not that much of a fan of this series, I mean yes, the idea is new and I liked it, but I think it should be framed in the portrait of moderation. Perhaps this story is just not suitable for someone my age. Yet, being able to complete reading it this far means that it was acceptable.

  This series isn't for everyone and definitely not me. So, I don't like actually recommend it ( unfortunately ) but as I said this maybe not be for everyone but there are definitely so many people who would like it.

Author: Lisa McMann
Grade Rating: C
Followed by:
   First book : Wake 
  Third book:  Gone


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