Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book Review: Wake

    Janie Hannagon gets sucked into other people's dreams and the only barriers between her and these dreams are doors. Privacy is lost and Janie having a normal life is a far cry. Yet, this darkest secret of hers is unrevealed to Cabel, a guy that she falls for. A disturbed, on & off relationship they have. But what about her wicked dreams, which seems to be driving her crazy. Is she to control them or it overcome her life?
  Wake revolves around Janie, this girl with a fantastic gift, yet a little bit creepy. I mean the idea is cool and new to the world of  paranormals and fantasy. So... she can get into other people's dream, yes, it may solve crimes and mysteries but it deprived Janie from a normal life, missed the mediocre teenagers experiences.
   The book wasn't written as in Janie telling it, but in a third position person narrating, which had a negative impact on me, it forced me to see the it from an outsider view rather than being able to feel for the character. And another thing was that I find it unrealistic regarding her mother, i mean she's always drunk and it seems to really bother me when finding a story of some teenagers with some absent minded parents, it's a lucid thing in life.

   Anyway, with Janie's state and her hopes for this university and working to raise the money needed, Janie has learned to be self-reliance. And although these made her always paralyzed, she ought to be watching people's nightmares and there darkest fears, but then there was Cabel. Cabel is a male character that I loved and hated at the same time, at times he may seem perfect but I also saw in his actions childishness.  Nonetheless, he compliments Janie's character well. Their love story was nothing abnormal, just the typical ones that you could see in any YA novel which disappointed me, though full of uncertainty and hesitation.

   The events of Janie's and Cabel's life seemed to be drifting towards illogical actions somehow, them working with the police and how once Janie was driving and had one of those dreams of hers', sort of crashed but then went on driving again normally after being centered again. However, the ending was good but left me with a few questions which shall be answered in the next book Fade.   

   Overall. it just came along with an idea away from the worlds of vampires and witches. Yet, it didn't seem like the best but I have learned a lesson, never to judge a series by it's first book (Haha !!). It was a good book but not fabulous ! I just had high expectations. 

Author: Lisa McMann
Grade Rating: B
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Pages: 224


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