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Movie Thoughts: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Movie.... My thoughts !?   

    The Girl on Fire - Katniss Everdeen, portrayed by the outstanding Jennifer Lawrence, came to light in the 2012 movie the Hunger Games. Film adaptation of the Hunger Games series written by Suzzanne Collins.
     As you may know I am a huge Hunger Games fan and this maybe written by the fangirly girl in me. Yet, and honestly I did enjoy the movie as I did with the book, perhaps the book a bit more ( I dunno know !! :P), there were things that was visualized better in the movie such as the Capitol.. and it's people. And if you're not familiar with the story at all, you can check a recommendations post of mine were I gave synopsis of the story.

Effie Trinket
     So moving on, there wasn't huge differences in the movie from the book, just bits and pieces. For example, the mockingjay which was supposed to be given to Katniss by Madge in the book, instead she got it from some sort of a market and later Prime returned it to her. Also in the book, the scenes of the arena where mostly all in the arena itself, but here they were showcasing some backstage scenes of Haymitch, their mentor and the game maker, changes which I'm totally cool with.
Peeta Melark
      Peeta Melark, portrayed by Josh Hetcherson who was, in my opinion,  capable of demonstration Peeta's character subtly. And also Gale, portrayed by Liam Hemsworth, along with Cato ( Alexender Ludwig ), the three of them are so cute !!  
   The scenes between Katniss and her sister, Prime, portrayed by Willow Shields, were all so emotional, especially the one when Katniss volunteered. Also, the the last scene with Rue ( Amandla StenBerg ) was well pictured. Overall, Jennifer Lawrance was adequate for the role and was able to wear the character.

Caeser & Katniss in the interviews
Their adaptation of the Capitol as I said before was brilliant, didn't expect it, as well as the arena, it was something that I wanted to see how will it turn out to be like in the movie They picked suitable actors, excellent choices. However, the worst thing that it was excessively shaky at some points, which got on my nerves.  

     Katniss's hair and all the the hairstyles in this movie, were all catchy and cute, and so if you want to check some of these hairstyles, their are tons on YouTube and here are a couple of my favs Katniss braids from The Hunger Games , Interview Updo & her Reaping braid. But one that I love most was Jennifer's movie premier updo. Sorry that it's sort of turning into a girl's hairstyle guide type of thing but thought I should mention it anyway.

    The ending wasn't the most enchanting, not as to hook up people who don't know much about the series. Nonetheless, I absolutely enjoyed every single moment of this movie, I was sitting at the edge of my seat through out most of the movie and I certainly recommend watching this movie even if you didn't read the books, don't miss it. 

   A reviting dark dystopian future of an emphatic series, spectacular perfomrances and it lived up to my expectations, it was gratifying.

Starring: Jennifer Lawrance. Josh Hetcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland,  Stanley Tucci & Woody Harrelson.
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 5/5

Did you watch the Hunger Games movie? If yes, what are your thoughts about it? And if not, will you be watching it?
Hope you enjoyed reading my movie thoughts.


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