Friday, February 3, 2012

Book Review: The Red Queen

      Everyone is seeking for their own weal, their own good, fighting for the throne of England. Margaret Beaufort, heiress to the House of Lancaster and the spotlight of Philippa Gregory's novel The Red Queen, in her second book of The Cousin's War series. 
     At the age of ten, Margaret decided to devote her life for prayers, saying that she was called by God and putting ahead of her Joan of Arc who seemed to be in the eyes people at that time as an innovator. Gave birth to her only son Henry VII at the age of 13, believing that he was born to be the King and realizes that she was called for that purpose. And through her three marriages, controlled by proceedings of life and as a child she had a harsh one.

    Honestly, i felt pity for Margaret as young girl. Philippa Gregory again made me feel torn up. In her first book The White Queen where the story was narrated from the point of view of Elizabeth Woodville. I hated Margaret in that book from the very first second but now in The Red Queen, i saw how she was exposed to life and how she was taught to be in her childhood but as we go on with the events of the story i soon saw in her a cold, ambitious, ruthless, selfish woman, who might give up her religious morals and her humanity just to get the throne of England for son and even to sign her letters as Margaret Regina. She saw Henry as a tool to achieve her ambitions.

    Turning history into reality as Gregory tends to do, she weaves facts with fiction, adding her own embellishment to it, I was captivated to complete reading this book although there was this part where I was bored, away from that i admired how Margaret played a game and adjusted things around her to satisfy her goals by the end. Although I was annoyed by Margaret's attitude declaring that she was called by God and she is to be like Joan of Arc and lead her country into the glory, she said it a lot that it became provocative at some point.

    I loved both The White Queen, which i have a review on and i enjoyed reading it a little bit more than The Red Queen but i recommend them both.To be honest with you guys I am not planning on reading the third book of the series The Lady of the Rivers any time soon, which is about Elizabeth's mother Jacquetta just because I'm not that interested in her and I also heard quite disappointing opinions about it but what I really want to read by Philippa Gregory is The Queen's Fool and The Other Boleyn Girl . I generally want to read more about The War of Roses, and the British history, different books about it hopefully. What books did you read by this author and really enjoyed ? Please leave in a comment down below. :)

Author: Philippa Gregory
Grade Rating : B+
Followed by:
     The Lady of the Rivers
Pages: 400


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