Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Review: Divergent

       Little, self sacrificing Beatrice no longer exists, since the moment she transfered to the Dauntless faction. Known as Tris now, she begins to encounter new things in her new faction which is totally different from her old faction, Abnegation. She makes new friends and enemies but then there was Four, whom she falls for.
     However, she needs mental and physical powers to overcome all of it. But what is it that she is hiding from people? What makes her different? And what could possibly be the challenges she would face? What are the consequences and what is she to lose, perhaps her family, friends, even herself? But then again who is she....

      The plot follows the sixteen years old, Beatrice Prior who lives in Chicago, but it's quite different here. At the age of 16, an annual Choosing Ceremony is held and life decisions are made by everybody, choosing a faction of their 5 discerpant factions. Beatrice and her family are part of Abnegation (selflessness). The other 4 factions are Dauntless (brave), Amity (peacefulness),  Candor (honesty) and the Erudite (intelligence). But of all, Beatrice chose Dauntless...

     Since, it seemed like I was messing alot of fun, not reading this book. I did it and happy to say that I LOVED it. I was captivated to start reading it from the very first pages, perhaps even first few lines. A well-written novel, that would sequester you within it's pages. The whole story was riveting.

     As the adventure begins, Tris begins exploring her new world, encountering new stuff and such. Through the book, you could observe Tris's transformation quite clearly, I mean she daringly chooses to leave her family. The characters were all down-to-earth. But the thing is that for some reason, while reading this book, I was putting myself in Tris's shoes, comparing my reactions to hers. Her decisions and attitude were somehow rather thought-provoking and her character was a mix. I just liked her character.
    The romance is this book was slow-pacing yet so sweet and appealing. Tris falls her dynamic yet enigmatic training coach, Four. He was such a sweetheart but obscure. I was like ' they are going to fall for each other, I'm certain this time' *turn the other page* ' no, it seems impossible'. It was a good one though.

    The idea of the factions is a unique and an exquisite idea. Nonetheless, what sort of took it down was that we still didn't know what led to a world like that, the origin of the system of this society. The ending, however, i wasn't a huge fan of or you would rather say that I was some point afraid of how it would end, thinking that the ending was going to lean towards being cliche. But it pulled up again in the last few pages, I believe. 

     Veronica Roth yet enchantes you in a world that she built. For the Hunger Games and dystopian future lovers, Divergent is yet another dystopian future but with a different flavour, a different detour. A story with five different factions, where your only choice is to choose one but in this case Tris was diversified. Can't wait to explore the other factions in it's sequel, Insurgent. Had a hard time putting this down. Highly recommended.

Author: Veronica Roth
Followed by:  Insurgent
Grade Rating:

xoxo, Mariam


Jackie Hauver said...

Divergent has been on my to read list. Great review! Makes me want to read it more!

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