Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We Are Young #1

We are young is a weekly meme hosted by Read Into Hiding.

This week's question is:
What's your favorite YA book so far?
Mine would be Delirium by Lauren Oliver. There are so many YA books out there that I absolutely love....The Wolves of Mercy Falls, The Hunger Games, The Vampire Academy and even Entwined. But my top favourite would be Delirium. Also because I'm really eager to read the third book in the series which doesn't come out until the next year :/

That was my favourite YA book. What about you ? Leave me a comment down below which I'll be sure to check out ;)

xoxo, Mariam 


Ella said...

I also LOVED Delirium, it was a really hard choice between Delirium and Divergent.. I guess that, maybe if I'd read Pandemonium too, I would've liked the series more than the Divergent one..

Thank you so so much for doing my meme, I'm truly glad ^^

Multimemo said...

Yeah I know :) Divergent and Delirium are both really good series. I did read Pandemonium and absolutely LOVED it! And it's no problem really and I really like your meme, fun and easy meme ;) But thank you SO much Ella for stopping by and for your lovely comment and welcome to Book-A-Holic :)

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