Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sorry... Exams Break

I started my exams, therefore and unfortunately, I won't be able to post regularly, yet I will be participating in On My Wishlist meme every week. And I'll check my email for sure and reply to comments as often as I could. But I will be fully back in the middle of May, more specifically on 21 May, with reviews, memes, random posts and everything, so if you are new to my blog...welcome to Book-A-Holic :D and follow if you would like, I will be back. But don't forget to follow me on Twitter to see how I am doing in my exams and my latest updates in general. ;)

Twitter: @Multimemo33

Picture From Things We All Hate

xoxo, Mariam


Beverley said...

Will miss your posts Mariam but good luck with the exams, hope you do well and get the results you want :)

Multimemo said...

Thank you SO much Beverley ;)Hope you do well in your exams as well and hope it all ends well for all of us with exams :D Thank you for stopping by !!!

Lucas Logan said...

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But thank you for stopping by and welcome to Book-A-Holic!
xoxo, Mariam

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