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Book Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

       After the scandal that Micheal Blomkvist was exposed to. He became a burnt paper in the world of journalism. However, he was offered an open-handed offer to work for a titan of the Swedish Industry, Henrik Vanger. But there might be a hoax going on with this deal. So he was to stay on this island for a year to solve this unsolved ambiguous mystery of a girl who disappeared 40 years ago on this same island, receiving a couple of million kronor. But as he gets involved with Lisbeth, the girl with the dragon tattoo, whom seems to have a dull past with lots of details. Well, he as well seems to have a past but he rather has a future full of unexpected surprises....   

    The first book in Steig Larsson trilogy, a page-turner thriller with a complex plot to the point of entertainment of course. And although I found it at some points repetitive as in it's twists, it was offset by the story and it's events. However, it's more of a mature book, so definitely not for younger people.

    The book is featured as in showing where the paramount incidents that took place, mostly with main characters but occasionally it would go out. It actually helped me get the picture of the story right, as if I was rather with the writer. The writing didn't bother me at all. However, the beginning was that much captivating, but then somewhere in the middle I was sucked in.

   In the beginning, you might not understand much but as you go on. You get to know how are things working for Mickeal and Lisbeth but not until almost after half of the book when Micheal and Lisbeth like actually meet each other face to face.

   He is much of a strong, stubborn and kind person but that wasn't represented in his relation with Lisbeth or with any other women in the story. It was annoying and perplexing, as until now I don't really know who was he in love with. As for Lisbeth, the female main character, well, she rather shocked me with her actions. She isn't a character that I would ever like actually. All in all, none of the characters were my favorites, which is frustrating somehow. But still the story was superb.

  There was predictable and lame part of this story, something that you would see in typical crime movies but I don't want to give away the story, so I will leave it here. Recommend it, as I did enjoy it, plus, it seems like a change, something different, at least for me.

Author: Stieg Larsson
Followed by: The Girl Who Played With Fire
Grade Rating:

Did you watch it's movie? I personally didn't. But leave me a comment down below telling me what you think, which I'll be sure to check out as always ;) 

xoxo, Mariam
And happy reading everyone :)


Shelly said...

I loved this book series and the movies (all 3 Swedish ones and the American one), but now that I know you are only 15, I don't recommend that you watch them until you are at least 18! That's the mother in me(I have an "almost" teenager)! I was a little surprised to see this book on your reviewed list, that's how I ended up on this post to begin with.

Multimemo said...

Ummm yeah.. I sort of realized that as I went through the book and mainly that's why I didn't complete the rest of the series, and secondly because I read the synopsis of the second book and it seemed the same, inapropriate. I actually bought it in the bookstore immediatly without reading any reviews or anything, so I didn't know.

When the movie came out and stuff, there was a bit of a hype but I of course ended up not going anywhere after reading the book :) But thank you so much! <3
xoxo, Mariam

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