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Book Review: Entwined

     Princess Azalea and her eleven sisters loved dancing more than anything in their life. But after there mother's death, the whole palace is put in mourning and dancing wasn't allowed anymore. But there was this one thing, magic. Azalea and her sisters once found this magic passage that led to a mysterious silver forest, where they could dance every night. But then there was Mr Keeper. Who is he? And what are his intentions exactly? And most importantly there seem to be some consequences to dancing in that magical forest, but what could it be?

    Entwined is a classic retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, which I actually didn't know about until I was somewhere in the middle of this book. So I don't know how much is it similar to the original story. But all I could say is that this book was enchanting. I loved how this book was written. The author did a fantastic job writing this book. Everything could be easily visualized.

    The novel follows the events of the lives of those twelve sisters and it opens with Azalea attending her first ball. While her mother was pregnant and sick, she makes her promise to take of her sisters. Her mother soon after dies after giving birth to their twelve sister, which casts a pall over the palace and the palace becomes in mourning which means staying indoors, no light, no music, no gardens and most importantly no dancing. Life wasn't all happy for them, more specifically Azalea whom had to marry whoever the Parliament chooses and even worst they, the royal family, were bankrupt. 

    Azalea and her eleven sisters. Well, they had some interesting names, such as Bramble for example. I mean if you knew the character, the name suits her. Azalea itself is a cute name. And the cutest thing ever is that those eleven sisters are named in an alphabetical order. So it's like, their oldest sister Azalea, then Bramble, then Clover and so on. And all of them are sweet, especially the younger ones. However, between them you could feel a real sisters bond. They seemed like a little folk of sheep together. I couldn't say enough about them. Even the King, their father, I, at some point liked him.

    All the characters are genuine and realistic, considering that it is a story that took place in the old time. Sweet gentlemen like Mr Bradford, he was such a sweetheart. It had some action but not the action like in our real world, if even considered action. It was rather to be referred to as super intense incidents. I was never bored while reading this book.

    All in all, I absolutely recommend reading this book. Such a page-turner and a miraculous story. Well-written and descriptive in a good and moderate way. And yet, it is a fairytale and I believe that not everybody likes fairy tales. But this novel, in my opinion, could be read by readers of various ages.

Author: Heather Dixon
Grade Rating:

xoxo, Mariam
And Happy Reading Everyone :)


Shane said...

Not only is this an awesome fairytale retelling, the book is just as magical. I love the effort put into its creation. Great review!

thanks for the follow, back at ya!

Multimemo said...

Yeah!! I totally agree, really really good novel :) But thanks Shane for your lovely comment and for stopping by and welcome to Book-A-Holic :D
xoxo, Mariam

Anonymous said...

Ohh so this has been on my TBR list for a while. I'm glad it's as good as it sounds! I love the cover as well, it's really pretty. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

I've read only one other book that's kind of based after The Twelve Dancing Princesses, it was Wilwood Dancing by Julliet Marillier and was different as there are only five sisters and 'The Frog Prince' is also mashed up in there. But it's so very good! It's one of my favourite books. I recommend giving that one a go if you enjoyed this!

Multimemo said...

Yeah! and it was really worth it and I know the cover is so cute ;) And it would be interesting to read more books based on The Twelve Dancing Princesses, since it's like a really cool fairytale and this book seems intriguing.. five sisters, will give it a try soon :) But thank you SO much for your lovely comment and for stopping by and welcome to Book-A-Holic

Beverley said...

The book sounds absolutely MAGICAL and the cover is so so pretty too! I love books where the characters are genuine and realistic so I really need to check this out some time - it sounds beautiful! And thank you for your equally beautiful review too, Mariam :)

Beverley @ A Reading Daydreamer

Multimemo said...

Yeah! I know but honestly it's a book worth reading :D And you Beverlry for your super lovely comment and for stopping by which I'm glad you did :D
xoxo, Mariam

Ashlinn said...

Ohhh I've been wanting to read this book for a while and you have now convinced me :)

Multimemo said...

Haha! Glad I did because it was really enchanting :D But thank you so much for stopping by today which I'm glad you did and welcome to Book-A-Holic :)
xoxo, Mariam

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