Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top Ten Blogs/Sites That Aren't About Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme host by The Broke and Bookish

And so here are some websites and blogs that I visit to some point regularly..... Hope you like it ;)
  1. We Heart It : A great source of pictures from all over the Internet. One of my favourite websites actually when it comes to pictures, any pictures.
  2. LoseIt : I use this website to organise how I eat, because sometimes when I'm not a diet, I just like to organise and keep track of what I eat. And it's really useful, helps me keep it mildly, when it comes to fixing my weight, to some point.
  3. Pixlr : I usually use more than one photo editing software since closing Picnick but currently I'm using this, which I find is really good.
  4. Teenager Posts : Again I'm sort of obsessed with pictures, but this time it's on Tumblr. Tons of good pictures.
  5. Elle & Blair : Beauty, hair and fashion. This is the website of the two well-known YouTubers Elle and Blair whom I absolutely love. And so I also really like their website.
  6. Make It & Love It : Who knew that I'm into DIY projects.. well, yes I am to some extent. Just starting though.
  7. Polyvore : Honestly, I don't visit it that often,  but it is still a fun website where you can fix outfits together.
  8. LifeAnnStyle : Another DIY blog but a girly one, in addition to some fashion and stuff. It's the blog of yet another YouTuber that I recently found, Ann from Anneorshine.
  9. Teen.com : Some celebrity news, interviews and just things along this line. But originally it was because of Joey Graceffa ( one of my fav YouTubers ) that I visited the website, who has a new series on this website that I like to watch.
  10. Twitter : Twitter is just a daily must for me. 
         Hope you guys enjoyed. And so that's was mine. But what about you? Leave me a comment down below which I'll be sure to check out ;) 

xoxo, Mariam


Lauren said...

Polyvore is such a fun site!

Multimemo said...

Yeah it is ;) And thank you so much Lauren for stopping by, glad you did and welcome to Book-A-Holic :)
xoxo, Mariam

Angela said...

Twitter is a daily must for me too.
Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

Multimemo said...

Yeah, Twitter is sort of addicting :) But thanks for stopping by Angela, glad you did and welcome to Book-A-Holic :D
xoxo, Mariam

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