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Book Review: Matched

      Cassia Reyes lives in a society where at the age of sixteen, they get matched. And with Cassia turning sixteen, she was so eager and excited for her Matching Banquet to see whom is she matched to. And as the night went absolutely fantastic. She then saw Xander's face, her match on micro card. But then the screens goes black and another face appears, Ky Markham. And although, Cassia believed in the Society, they told her it was just a glitch. But Cassia couldn't stop thinking about Ky. And slowly slowly they were falling in love. Now she has to choose, Xander, her best friend or Ky, the boy with the secrets and whom would offer her a mysterious path in life and things to get discovered... 

     The Matched trilogy is an another dystopia, with a well structured Society that Condie built along with an interesting idea but I honestly had a hard time rating it but eventually I gave it an A because it had some moments where I absolutely loved it. And Ally Condie has this quite simple style of writing, I liked how it was written and I liked how they added poetry throughout the story, it makes the readers seek this poem that Cassia treasures ( which I liked by the way, although I'm not  much of a poetry lover ). The cover is also a bit plain but eye-catching and if you saw the other two covers, it's cool how they are all connected. And so here, Cassia is in the bubble, as in her compliance to the society, like she is trapped, somewhat the cover speaks for the story more.

   So Matched follows Cassia, who lives in a well controlled, stable society, where everything is perfect, couples are chosen for each other, dinner is served in the same exact time for everybody and with the curfew, people are in their homes with no problems. And lucky Cassia was matched with her long-known childhood best friend, Xander. But when she plugs in her data card on which she can observe more info about her match, Xander. Along with Xander's face, another face poped up, Ky Markham. A guy she barely remembers from childhood but after that night he lingers in her mind.

   Cassia was a character that was easy to get along with, I mean if she was real, I would have definitely been friends with her. She's certainly a loyal person. The only thing about her that annoyed me was her extent of belief in the Society, which wasn't all that good, not at all actually. Ky, was a character that I liked the most out of all, he was mysterious and cool headed, hard to reach but easy to be with. And I absolutely love Ky and Cassia together and the atmosphere of  the almost-forbidden love that surrounded them and I love how they slowly developed a tiny love story that ended with a kiss and a poem.  

   Frankly, this dystopia wasn't my favourite but it was definitely awesome as in being acceptable. And I'm looking forward to reading the other two books. So I would say, if you were a dystopian future lover, just go ahead and read it. And keep in mind that you will have to either love it or hate it, but in both cases it is still readable.

Title: Matched
Author: Ally Condie
Series: Matched | Crossed | Reached
Published: November 30th 2010 by Dutton Juvenile
Source: Owned
Goodreads | Amazon
Grade Rating:

xoxo, Mariam


Rachel :) said...

The wierd thing about Matched for me was when I read it the first time I gave it only 3 stars as I didn't really get into it, but then when I re-read it so I could prepare myself for it's sequel, Crossed, I really enjoyed it!
Slightly strange... has anything like that ever happened to you with a certain book?

Great review! I hope you get on to Crossed soon, it has a bit more, not so much action, but stuff happening! :D

- Rachel xx

Multimemo said...

No it didn't happen to me before but it happens of course and I get you :) this book isn't a book that I was sure of loving but then I ended up giving it an A which is like 5 stars ;) And by the way I already read Crossed and it was really good as well, there were some stuff that happened that I really liked and enjoyed but then comparing it as a whole to Matched, I think that Matched was slightly better.

But thank you so much Rachel for your lovely comment and for stopping by, which I'm so glad you did <3
xoxo, Mariam

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