Monday, June 4, 2012

We Are Young #2

We are young is a weekly meme hosted by Read Into Hiding.
This week's question is:
 If you could be your favorite book character for one day, where and with whom would you spend your time? Whether you choose to be with a character from a book, in a place from a different one, that's your choice :)

Ah, tricky question Ella. There so many but for one day, I'd like to be Rose Hathway from the Vampire Academy series. I personally love vampires and so if you read the series then you know that she is a Dhampire, so not a real vampire like Edward Cullen for e.g. And would spend the day with Julian from Pandemonium, he was such a sweetheart so absolutely him. And would spend it with him in the underground  caves from the Host by Stephenie Meyer, where Melanie and Wanderer stayed with the others for most of the story, it felt home-ish for some reason. That was a twisty answer :)

So what about you? Leave me a comment down below telling me or a link to your own post, which I'll be sure to check out in both cases :D

And hope you all are having an amazing day!
xoxo, Mariam


Ella said...

I've been wanting to start The Vampire Academy series for a while, but I've already started so many series.. I want first to finish with some of them, and only then start others.
And I saw The Host at the libraries.. quite a big book ^^' Wouldn't wanna buy it and read it like I'm reading now - with school, i barely have time to read, so i pick smaller books that i can finish quickly -
But both the characters and the place sound really good! :)
Looking forward to seeing how you respond next week as well ^^

Kisses <3

Multimemo said...

Me too, I have a considerable amount of unfinished series. And with school, don't recommend reading the Host, I did and it wasn't good, had a hard time putting it done ;) But thank you so much Ella for your lovely comment and for stopping by which I'm glad you did :D
xoxo, Mariam

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