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Book Review: Propheticus #1

     Aniah once had a settled life with nothing beyond the usual to fear. But this safe world of hers has been disturbed. Once the Novell entered her life, she slowly began to discover new things but most importantly she was experiencing love. However, there was another bigger problem. She started having nightmares. How would nightmares possibly affect her life? Well, those nightmares were nothing near the normal ones, as long as the Mangitori de Sangue were involved. What's next and how can she be protected? And what is this prophecy that determined Aniah's fate...

    Propheticus is a fictional story but nothing about werewolves or vampires. I think of it as a great set up for the rest of the story in the other two books. And Emma has such a rich imagination that she created a dark wide (fictional) world with a fantasy to go with it. And although it may seem a little bit perplexing and not much information, but I think it's sort of okay because we seem to be getting to know about this world lingeringly, along with our heroine to some extent.

    So the story opens with Aniah and her mother coming back from a long trip, getting ready for the Dark Months. And on there way, they found what seemed like an almost dead man. They took him home and took good care of him. Novell and Aniah's relationship has this natural development to it so it's not like, one day they started talking and the next they were kissing but it was just gripping. And although I felt there was some redundancy in their relationship, there was some intense incidents that would distract you. Ultimately, I really love the characters and I know I say this all the time but they felt real and authentic. The story was told from the point of views, of both Aniah and Novell and seeing it that way, made me pity them, like they both weren't certain about the each other's feeling and me, stuck in the middle, I wanted to yell at them, like for God's sake ;) 

    Overall, this was such an amazing read and it's definitely on my favourites shelf. I absolutely recommend it, anyone who loves fantasy and sci-fi novels will definitely enjoy this one. Honestly though, I wasn't captivited to complete reading from the first chapter so I would recommend giving yourself a chance to get into it. Exquisitely written and very descriptive which is what adds magic to fantasy novels. It had an interesting storyline and the ending was such a cliffhanger that I really can't wait to read the second book in the series.   

Title: Propheticus: The Mangitori De Sangue
Author: Emma Daley
Series: Propheticus | The Migliao | The Dark Anglie
Published: 20th November 2010 
Source: A copy was provided as a participant in the blog tour. And I reviewed it although I wasn't required or asked to. 
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Grade Rating:

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propheticusthebook said...

Multimemo, I had to stop by and say hi. I appreciate all your enthusiasm and, like you, read each and every comment made about my books. Thank you for taking the time to enter my fictional world for a while :).

Multimemo said...

Oh no thank you! You have created for us an amazing story through your books and from your imagination, which I absolutely and honestly enjoyed ;) And I'm so very happy to see you here in Book-A-Holic. Plus, it was a privilege to interview you as well on my blog, I really enjoyed reading your answers <3
xoxo, Mariam

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