Monday, June 25, 2012

Choppy Random Talks: Spark Your Creativity

    Welcome to my first Choppy Random Talk. Choppy Random Talks is a discussion post created by me and so here is where I'll be talking about random things that would come to my mind. It's a bit rambly of course so I hope you don't mind. And while writing this I will probably be drinking my tea and I don't ever drink coffee :o but I'm literally addicted to tea, people on twitter probably know all about it. So perhaps while reading this, you can also grab a cup of whatever that is you like to drink and ENJOY ;)

    So a while ago I stumbled across this web page ( Link Here ) where there were some exercises to increase creativity or something along this line and I actually ended up printing the pages and liking the idea. The thing is, you know how with some authors in interviews and such, they would always give the advice that you have to write everyday and how writing is like any sport, it will improve after practicing and time. 
    I personally stopped writing diaries about two years ago, I don't remember the reason but now I don't practice writing everyday. So I did one these exercises once and then gave up, taking my exams and getting ready for it as an excuse. If you know me, then you know that I get guilty quickly leaving important things or delaying it, I don't know how this passed but perhaps it was because of blogging and how writing here may seem enough but the thing is that no, it is not the same and it is not enough, I don't feel that it is effective. I mean, I don't even know if these exercises even have an effect but I don't mind trying. However, I really wanted to share it you guys, I mean even if you're like an excellent writer or you do practice writing everyday or superb in English, you know, one can't get enough.

Picture found HERE
     I thought that this was a good way to start my Choppy Random Talks by talking about something, I believe a big sum of us share. Like after reading all these books and by looking at some of your absolute favourites, don't you hope to create one, a great one, one that would be attributed to you one day.....

     One of the exercises that was on this list, for example, was to look at a picture and write down 50 to 100 words about this picture and create a crazy story using all or most of the words and I think that would get a lot out of you, especially if the picture means something to you, the words that you're going to get out will be easy for you to handle and this was actually the exercise that I gave a shot. Another thing that I saw recently in a guest post with Aliaa El-Nasher, author of Against all Odds. Talking in it about how during writing, an interval of time went by without her writing anything, she wasn't creative. So she did something similar to an exercise on the list that I found. Basically what she did was that she asked on Facebook for random words on which she'll create a short story based on and she set it out like a challenge. Generally speaking here, there are many things to be done but sometimes you need the motivation and a challenge would definitely work me for unless I challenge myself. Challenging myself doesn't seem to always work, I need real people. 

    Apart from that, is taking an inspiration or a role model. I feel that, to some extent, it can keep you on track and one of the authors that I will always look up to would definitely be Lauren Oliver, author of Delirium. I love everything about her and her books. Her style of writing and the idea of her books and the love stories and the characters, like I can 't even sit here and count. Another author would for ure be Maggie Stiefvater, again her books and the ideas and the characters but most importantly her magical style of writing and of getting the scene to the reader like no other. ( I hope that didn't sound clichéd because it really isn't ).

    Obviously, I am a fantasy and sci-fi lover, but I read a lot of genres not only this, and that was another point, ( referred to by some authors as well ) to read, not only what you would normally would but to widen your knowledge of other genres, but it is to be done slowly and this is something that I'm trying to apply to things in real life. For example, I hate drawing, despite that, I'm signing up for drawing classes using oil not normal drawing, because honestly I have never tried drawing using oil before, not really, but what I'm trying to do here is that I'm trying to try new things and not to base my love or hate feelings on something I don't really know about. By the way, my first class is supposed to be two or three weeks from now, so hopefully it's going to be fun and I'll keep you updated ;)
    However, please leave a comment down below telling me who are some of your favourite authors? Also what was something that you once did and was totally out of your comfort zone?  I would love to hear about it from you, share with us your experience ;) And if you have anything similar to what I mentioned earlier or something that would help me practice writing daily, other than traditional writing, please let me know too and I would really appreciate it.

So what do you think? Please leave me a comment down below sharing with me your thoughts :)  


Magen Corrie said...

I'm a new follower and I really like your blog!
I also really liked your choppy-random-talk post! Very Interesting!

Also,I nominated you for a Liebster award!
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Multimemo said...

Hey! Thank you for your lovely comment Magen and for the Liebster award <3
xoxo, Mariam

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